THE ARTIST – Mercedes Ferrer

Mercedes Ferrer is a Spanish singer-songwriter who released her first album in 1986 ‘Entre mi sombra y yo’ which translates as ‘Between My Shadow and I’. Mercedes Ferrer’s career began prior to this where she was a part of various French bands.

In 1985 she formed the group ‘La Llave‘ with Carlos Torero.  The band was successful, supporting ‘The Cure’ and winning the VIII Trofeo Rock Villa De Madrid.  In the early 90’s, being heavily influenced by ‘The Doors’, ‘David Bowie’ and ‘Leonard Cohen’ amongst others, she began her solo career.  She has performed in a variety of events such as a tribute concert to John Lennon and another concert in memory of the 11 March 2004 train bombings in Madrid.   Mercedes’ most recent album ‘Travesía’ or ‘Crossing’ was released in 2009.

LIPA musicians were joined by Mercedes in the 2001 LIPA Spain Tour.  She visited LIPA and performed at ’Pacific Road’ in Birkenhead before flying back to Spain to undertake the five date tour. Cities visited included Madrid, Oviedo, Irun, Zaragoza and Barcelona.

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21st April – Pacific Road, Birkenhead

24th April – Suristan, Madrird

25th April – La Santa Sebe, Oviedo

26th April – Tunk, Irun

27th April – La Casa Del Loco, Zaragoza

28th April – Sidecar, Barcelona


Adam Skinner – Drums

Mark Broomby – Bass

Joanne Bywater – Guitar

Martin Schmitt – Guitar

Florian Jakob – Keyboards

Jon Allen – Vocals

Martina Clement – Vocals

Emily Barden – Vocals

2001 TEAM

Sandy Worm – Manager

Tim Ortman – Manager

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