THE ARTIST – Maika Makovski

Maika Makovski is a Spanish songwriter, singer, guitarist, pianist and actress.

In 2009, Maika and her band (David Martínez -­‐ drums, JC Luque -­‐ bass guitar and percussion, Xarim Pomelo, guitar, banjo, bass, and backing vocals) recorded 12 new songs under the production guidance of John Parish. This new collection forms the eponymously titled Maika Makovski (2010, Origami Records), with the collaboration of Jim Barr (Portishead) and Billy Fuller (Robert Plant). This album was her first album to receive an international release and international attention. They were nominated to five UFI awards (Spanish Independent Music Awards) winning ‘Best Artist’ award in June 2011.

Maika is a trained artist and the artwork that accompanies her releases makes use of her painting and photography skills. 2011 was a very busy year for Maika. She composed and recorded 2 albums, she debuted as an actress in “Desaparecer” (directed by Calixto Bieito and co-­starring John Echanove, original songs written and performed live by Maika) and she did a total of 75 shows -­40 cities, 4 countries, 6 months.

April 2012 marked the beginning of a new phase in the rise of Maika Makovski. The Boots on Tour was showed to the audience in Spain, starting with Madrid and Barcelona and also in South America, UK, and USA.


29.05.15 – Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, Liverpool 

30.05.15 – Instituto Cervantes, Manchester


Vanessa Murray – Bass & Vocals 

Silvan Rupp – Keyboard 

Kristine Humerfelt – Backing Vocals

IJiwon Chung  – Guitarist 

Elliott Holland – Saxophonist 

Greg Joy  – Drummer 

2015 TEAM

Robert Allan– Manager

Sophie Keene – Manager 


THE ARTIST – Julian Maeso

Julián Maeso is one of Spain’s most prestigious musicians. After a difficult period that resulted in the release of Dreams are gone (2012), an album marked by melancholy in which his voice is submerged with distinctive sources from North American music, the multi-instrumentalist and composer comes back energetically with One way ticket to Saturn, a work where he returns to demonstrate his encyclopedic musical knowledge and an overwhelming desire to look forward.

He succeeds with an unusual force, driven by songs where the optimism of funk and rock occupy a place that used to be dominated by the blues nostalgia. One way ticket to Saturn, released on the 29th April, is the perfect counterpoint to its predecessor. A double disc with 19 themes in 9 consistent and direct songs. “Now is the moment. Hope is not enough, we need to get up and fight”, explains Maeso.

The new Julián Maeso incorporates a mix of styles which occur rapidly and naturally: rock, country, funk, jazz included… His voice returns with a powerful sound, often accompanied by a dazzling chorus with gospel influences. Julián’s influences remain intact and unchanged, but this time he illuminates his recent output. After only one listen, it shows bands and musicians such as Traffic, Leon Russell, The Faces, Derek & the Dominoes y Delaney & Bonnie, Humble Pie, Black Crowes y Tedeschi & TruckS…

Maeso is an artist immersed in the Spanish musical scene, playing in bands such as The Blackbirds, Speaklow, The Sunday Drivers and The Sweet Vandals, but also in tours of M-Clan, Quique González o Pájaro. Internationally, he has collaborated with The Poets of Rhythm, The New Master Sounds, The Soul Snatchers o Corrina Greyson. In Spain, he has supported and accompanied the diva of New Orleans’ soul, Irma Thomas, in last year’s exotic tour.

You can check out Julián here.



7th June  – LIPA Cafe, Liverpool

11th June– Galileo Galilei, Madrid

12th June – La Casa del loco, Zaragoza

14th June – El loco, Valencia

15th June – El Circulo, Toledo



James- Piano & Sax

Lewis- Bass

Marianne- Singer

Joshua- Trumpet

Lara- Violin

Andreas- Drums

Robyn- Cello


2014 TEAM

Adam Conway– Manager



ZAHARA (Úbeda, 1983). In 1997 she composed her first song ‘Una palabra’, and has not stopped writing songs since, participating with them in numerous competitions and giving small concerts throughout Spain until 2005 when she released her first album ‘Día 913′.

Thanks to the great reception on the internet and using social networks as partners (achieving more than 1.5 million visits on MySpace), Zahara took the big step to Universal and in May 2009 released ‘La fabulosa historia’, with 11 songs produced by Ricky Falkner and Carlos Jean.

Her song, “Merezco”, was selected as the official track for the Vuelta Ciclista de España in 2009 resounding throughout households across Spain throughout September. In January 2010, she was awarded the “Premio Autora Revelación” (Best New Emerging Artist) in the national ”Premios de la Música” for this same song and Best Songwriter award in the Premios Guille.

After recently finishing her contract with Universal, she has released her third album ‘La pareja tóxica’ (Musicbus/Warner) which has received a warm welcome by public and media. A monograph on counted loneliness in 11 songs, produced by Ricky Falkner and recorded in summer of 2011 by his live band. Along with this album came the project “Leñador y la mujer América”. Taking the title of one of his songs as name, Zahara and Nysufilms created a world of science fiction with a soundtrack of Zahara and starring herself.

Currently, and after several presentations of the record, continues with an acoustic tour through several cities and preparing what will be her next disc.

Check Zahara out here.



31st May – LIPA Cafe, Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts

1st June – Instituto Cervantes, Manchester

5th June – Clamores, Madrid

6th June – Porta Caeli, Valladolid

7th June – El Tren, Granada

8th June – Stereo, Alicante


Andreas Häberlin – Keyboards

James Wyatt – Bass

Simen Eifring – Trombone

Viktor Nordberg – Drums

Bendik Johnsrud – Guitar

Karen Tariro-Mayundukure – Vocals

2013 TEAM

Jade Downes – Manager

Kirsty Rourke – Manager


THE ARTIST – Victor Coyote

Reinvent or die?? Coyote Victor’s case has little to do with Madonna. Alfonso Pato said it best in “El Pais”, “Victor Coyote doesn’t have so many styles, he only has one – the Victor Coyote style.”

No triple faces, urgent surgeries or easy brush ups. Let’s just say that what we are talking about is just a really talented guy.

Victor Coyote’s main conviction is his belief in popular music in the broadest sense. For several years now he has been mixing folklore, melodic music, dance music, and experimental art-rock. Victor Coyote’s new album combines the glam-folk (Steve Harley, Saylor, Kevin Coyne, Pau Riba, Vitorino) with Atlantic and Mediterranean musical traditions (and if you don’t believe it, take a look at the clover on the cover).

Joven de Cuello Vuelto”  speaks of the desperate feelings a young man feels for Rimbaud, the doomed romantic, mature women, epic suicide and out of style drinks. All of this from the point of view of an old man who is believed to be “very cool” (Coyote himself). The song “Ristra de Mentiras” recounts how we are all experts in being victims of scams, frauds and inaccuracies, sentimental lies, advertising, and self-delusion. The song celebrates, in the Galician style of  “furancho”, all of  these indispensable lies. “La Lógica de los Ópticos (mini instrumental)” shows that a great song can also have rich instrumentation, both gloomy and cinematic.

Check Victor Coyote out here.



24th May – LIPA Cafe, Liverpool

30th May – Galileo Galilei, Madrid

31st May – El Corillo, Salamanca

1st June – La Fabrica De Chocolate, Vigo

2nd June – Portacaeli, Valladolid



Emily Linden – Guitar

Craig Walsh – Bass

Ross Higginson – Drums

Emily Roe – Violin

Flo Perlin – Cello

Marius Rekstad – Keyboards

Moorea Masa – Vocals

Charlotte Haining – Vocals


2012 TEAM

Sarah Brougham – Manager

Niall McGuiness – Manager


THE ARTIST – Coque Malla

Coque Malla is a musician and actor who was born in Madrid in 1959. He is well known for being the lead guitarist and singer in the rock group ‘Los Ronaldos’. ‘Los Ronaldos’ formed in 1987 and released five albums together before the group disbanded in 1998. Aside from this Coque has also had a successful solo career. His latest solo album was released in 2011, called ‘Termonuclear En Casa De Coque Malla’.

Aside from music Coque also has a successful acting career. To date, he has starred in eleven Spanish movies. He appeared as Pablo opposite Penélope Cruz in ‘Todo Es Mentira’ in 1994. More recently, in 2008, he starred as Roberto in’ Íntimos y extraños. 3 historias y ½’.

In 2007 ‘Los Ronaldos’ reformed and released a new album called ‘4 Canciones’ consisting of a variety of unreleased tracks. The song ‘No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti’ was released and to date is probably the most successful song of their career. The song was used in IKEA’s advertising campaign in 2010. There are two versions of the song, one with ‘Los Ronaldos’ and a solo acoustic version.

LIPA musicians were honoured to play alongside Coque in the summer of 2011 on the LIPA Spain Tour. Coque performed a gig in Liverpool before embarking upon a four-date tour across Spain with the LIPA musicians; visiting Madrid, Toledo, Valladolid, and Segovia.

Check Coque Malla out here.


28th May – The Mezzanine Bar, Liverpool

8th June – Galileo Galilei, Madrid

9th June – Sala Garcilaso, Toledo

10th June – Portacaeli, Valladolid

11th June – Sala Kunde, Segovia



Jonathon Roberts – Keyboards

George Yelding – Bass

James Bernardis – Drums

Daniel Mcintyre-Loveridge – Guitar

Rosa Murdoch – Vocals

Charlotte Andrews – Violin

Joachim Lewerin – Violin

Teresa Bernabe Martin – Cello

Jorge Bergen-Svela – Guitar

2013 TEAM

Jasmin Doughty – Manager


THE ARTIST – Depedro

Depedro is the musical project of Spanish singer and guitar player, Jairo ZavalaJairo Zavala recently released his incredible third album “La Increíble Historia de un Hombre Bueno (Milan)”, which was inspired by and tell the stories of his travels around the world, with the tracks all composed to focus on local issues from the different towns and villages that he visited. His career has taken him from “when his musical journeys took him as far as the gas tank would allow”, to sharing the same stage as musical legends, Living Colour. The album has been described as his most ambitious album to date, an original piece of work that is both delicate, creative, and well crafted. A unique style he is known for mastering better than most.

The genre is often described as alternative indie/rock, with snippets and tastes of western European traditions, reggae, folk, African music, and blues. Zavala had a very cultural childhood, with his Peruvian father and a mother who grew up Guinea, it’s not surprising Depedro’s chosen genre is so varied and tasteful. All of the music and rhythms he was born and raised round have had a positive impact on his compositions, making him stand out from everybody else.

Despite all his travelling and background, Depedro has firm roots in Spain. Thanks to his time in La Vacazul and his work with Amparanoia, he knows all the local Spanish music venues and club like the back of his hand, and thanks to his solo project and being a member of Calexico, he knows half the worldʼs local music haunts too.

His debit first self-titled album was distributed through EMI Music Distribution in 2008. The album was a success and lead the way onto his second album “Napel de Papel” (Nat Geo Music/PIAS Spain). His most recent album, “La Increíble Historia de un Hombre Bueno (Milan)”, followed in 2013.

Check Depedro out here.


26th May – LIPA Cafe, Liverpool

2nd June – Galileo Galilei, Madrid

3rd June – La Casa Del Loco, Zaragoza

4th June – Salamandra, Barcelona/Hosipelet

5th June – Woody, Valencia



Adam Dawson – Keyboards

Ove Engen – Guitar

Jennifer Walmsey – Vocals, Trumpet, Vibraphone

Sam Lubin – Drums

Jorgen Bergen-Svela – Bass

Lauren Spink – Vocals


2013 TEAM

Sophie Whitefield – Manager


THE ARTIST – Olga Román

Olga Román is a Spanish singer. She studied music at the Berklee College of Music, graduating in 1987. She played regularly at the Ryles Jazz Club in Boston before moving to New York. In New York, she became the lead singer of the group El Eco, the Aché and Latinoamérica Musical. In 1988 she then formed the Olga Román Quartet; they were very successful performing at many prestigious events including Quebec Jazz Festival and Boston Globe Jazz Festival to name but a few. This prompted a nomination for ‘Best Jazz Singer’ at the Boston Music Awards in 1992.

In 1993 Olga Román returned to Spain. Not long after her return, she began to work with Joaquín Sabina. She featured as a voice on many of his albums including Esta Boca Es Mía and 19 Días Y 500 Noches. She also joined Joaquín on his tours around Latin America and Spain.

Olga released her first album in 2001 called Vueltas Y Vueltas; translated as ‘Round and Round’. This album included the song ‘Again’ which was featured in the film ‘El Cielo Abierto’. This song was nominated as Best Original Song at the 2002 Goya Awards. Some of the songs from the album also became theme tunes for Spanish television shows such as LaOtra.

Olga Román 2’ was the second album released by Olga in 2005. On this album, she performed duets with Jorge Drexler as well as former LIPA Spain Tours artist Carmen Paris. This album was produced by Olga along with Dario Eskenazi. Seguir Caminando was her third album release. On this album, Olga was reunited with Joaquín Sabina with the song Margarita. Since then, Olga has had success in other countries, releasing albums in Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay.  Olga joined LIPA students on the 2009 tour. She performed in Liverpool in the LIPA Café before embarking on a four-date tour visiting Madrid, Zaragoza, Barcelona, and Murcia.

Check Olga Román out here.


22nd May – LIPA Cafe, Liverpool

9th June – Galileo Galilei, Madrid

10th June – Teatro Del Estacion, Zaragoza

11th June – Harlem Jazz Club, Barcelona

12th June – Auditorio Municipal De Calasparra, Murcia



Sjur Vonen – Guitar

Jaime Barriero Martinez – Guitar

Daryl Ball – Bass

Adrian Garcia – Keyboards

Sian Monagham – Drums

Benjamin Noke – Vocals

Charlotte Taft – Vocals

Taylar Galeas – Vocals

Jessica Samuels – Vocals


THE ARTIST – Marc Parrot

Marc Parrot was born in Barcelona in 1967; he is most renowned for being a singer and composer. Marc’s musical career began in 1990 when he joined the band ‘Regreso a las minas’ with whom he released one album of the same name. Not long after he began his solo career by joining forces with Warner Records. His first solo album Sólo Para Locos was released in 1993 followed by Sólo para niños in 1995. The third album that Marc was due to release with Warner Records was Cocinero. However, this album was never released due to the amazing success of Marc’s art project El chaval de la peca.

His first single released under this pseudonym was a cover of the song ‘Libre’ or ‘Free’ by Nino Bravo.  This song was used by the mobile phone company ‘Amena’.  Several of the songs released under this name reached the top forty in the charts.  Three albums were released under this name.  Marc decided to say goodbye to this pseudonym in 1999.

Marc went on to record a new album, this time under his own name, in 2001 called ‘Rompecabezas’ or ‘Puzzle’; this album was co-produced with Robin Hancock.  After finishing his contract with Warner Music he joined an independent label called PIAS.  With them, he recorded a second album,’Don maletas’ or  ‘Two Suitcases’ in 2004.  Two more albums were then released in Catalan.  Marc currently has his own studio and continues to work as a musician, producer, and composer.

Check Marc Parrot out here.


LIPA Cafe, Liverpool

10th June – Galileo Galilei, Madrid

12th June – Circulo Del Arte, Toledo

13th June – El Loco, Valencia

14th June – Teatro Del Estacion, Zaragoza


Johannes Refsdal – Bass

Michael Halls – Guitar

Louis Querelle – Keyboards

Pal Tore Holten – Drums

Catalina Pereda – Vocals

Eleanor Redhead – Vocals

Kirsten Sharp – Vocals


THE ARTIST – Arturio Soriano

Arturo Soriano has many musical talents: saxophone, flute, clarinet, and keyboard, to name a few.

Self-taught and educated in Jazz Clubs, Arturo will soon start touring internationally and record with some of the most important Spanish artists and bands, He is scheduled to visit several countries in Europe and America

He made his debut as a record producer for Sony Music in 1992 (De ley, Rosario Flores), with 800.000 copies sold. Since then, he has produced more than 40 records with a wide range of artists and has collaborated with international personalities such as BB King, Brian May and Eliades Ochoa.

In 2005, he recorded his first solo album, 45 RPM, in which jazz, funk and soul ambiences live together with pop structures and concepts.

Pedro Almodovar’s Production Company, El Deseo, commissioned the soundtrack for the TV Series “Mujeres” directed by Félix Sabroso and Dunia Ayaso on the Spanish Public Television, TVE 1.

In 2007, the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, LIPA, founded by Paul McCartney and the Spanish Association of Interpreters, AIE, selected Arturo for Master classes and invited him to prepare his repertoire together with LIPA’s students to be played in different cities around the UK and Spain.

Nowadays, Arturo combines composition, production and recording music for television, advertisement, and documentaries. He also gives live musical performances and is working on other new projects. He shares his residence between Madrid and Prague.

Check Arturio Sorano out here.


26th May – The Magnet, Liverpool

6th June – El Junco, Madrid

7th June – Arco, Alcazar De San Juan

8th June – Circulo Del Arte, Toledo

9th June – Teatro Del Mercado, Zaragoza


Frode- Eggum- Have – Drums

Lael Goldberg – Guitar

Gareth Bullock – Bass

Africa Fuentes Cardiel – Vocals

Nick Smith – Keyboards

Tim Pike – Saxophone


THE ARTIST – Aurora Beltran

Aurora Beltran needs no introduction. She was born on August 26th, 1964 in Pamplona, Spain. Previously fronting bands such as Belladonna and Tahúres Zurdos, she is responsible for changing the history of pop/rock in Spain. Described online as “like fine wine, growing prettier every day”, Aurora has made her mark in Spanish pop culture. At a young age, she suffered a disease that forced her to sit still for many hours at a time. To prevent boredom, her father gave her a guitar and at age 13, she penned her first track, “Death Come”, which would later be recorded on her first album with Tahúres Zurdos.

She launched her career in the mid-1980’s as a guitarist for Belladonna, who sadly split up after the release of their first LP. In 1987, she formed her second, more successful group, Tahúres Zurdos. The band recorded their first demo and performed many concerts throughout Spain. This eventually lead on to the release of their first album and a signing to EMI Music. During her career with the band, Aurora recorded eight studio albums, two compilations and is well known for her greatly received live show throughout her career. The band continued for seventeen years before deciding to call it a day and split in 2004.

Despite the sudden end to her two previous projects, Aurora continued her career and performed a series acoustic concerts accompanied by Eva Rada, Chorister and the instrumentalists of Tahúres Zurdos. These tracks would eventually go on to become the makings of her first solo album.

Her first album, Dance Classes, was released in March 2008 and included collaborations with Enrique Bunbury, Loquillo and Carmen París. The album has nine tracks, eight of which were composed by Aurora herself. The ninth track, “Candy”, was composed by Iggy Pop!  Her second solo album, Museum People, was released in 2012.

Check Aurora Beltran out here.


2nd June – Sennheiser Studio, LIPA, Liverpool

7th June – Galileo Galilei, Mardid

8th June – Circulo Del Arte, Toledo

9th June – Eden, Huesca

10th June – Artsaia, Aizoain


Adam Beany – Drums

Goran Obad – Guitar

Thomas Haakonsen – Guitar

Yuka Hamamoto – Keyboard

Sondre Sandhaug – Bass

Veronica Posse – Vocals

Hannah Rockliffe – Vocals

2006 TEAM

Harriet Pittard – Manager

Sophie Doherty – Manager

Brigitte Wang – Manager