ZAHARA (Úbeda, 1983). In 1997 she composed her first song ‘Una palabra’, and has not stopped writing songs since, participating with them in numerous competitions and giving small concerts throughout Spain until 2005 when she released her first album ‘Día 913′.

Thanks to the great reception on the internet and using social networks as partners (achieving more than 1.5 million visits on MySpace), Zahara took the big step to Universal and in May 2009 released ‘La fabulosa historia’, with 11 songs produced by Ricky Falkner and Carlos Jean.

Her song, “Merezco”, was selected as the official track for the Vuelta Ciclista de España in 2009 resounding throughout households across Spain throughout September. In January 2010, she was awarded the “Premio Autora Revelación” (Best New Emerging Artist) in the national ”Premios de la Música” for this same song and Best Songwriter award in the Premios Guille.

After recently finishing her contract with Universal, she has released her third album ‘La pareja tóxica’ (Musicbus/Warner) which has received a warm welcome by public and media. A monograph on counted loneliness in 11 songs, produced by Ricky Falkner and recorded in summer of 2011 by his live band. Along with this album came the project “Leñador y la mujer América”. Taking the title of one of his songs as name, Zahara and Nysufilms created a world of science fiction with a soundtrack of Zahara and starring herself.

Currently, and after several presentations of the record, continues with an acoustic tour through several cities and preparing what will be her next disc.

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31st May – LIPA Cafe, Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts

1st June – Instituto Cervantes, Manchester

5th June – Clamores, Madrid

6th June – Porta Caeli, Valladolid

7th June – El Tren, Granada

8th June – Stereo, Alicante


Andreas Häberlin – Keyboards

James Wyatt – Bass

Simen Eifring – Trombone

Viktor Nordberg – Drums

Bendik Johnsrud – Guitar

Karen Tariro-Mayundukure – Vocals

2013 TEAM

Jade Downes – Manager

Kirsty Rourke – Manager

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