THE ARTIST – Julian Maeso

Julián Maeso is one of Spain’s most prestigious musicians. After a difficult period that resulted in the release of Dreams are gone (2012), an album marked by melancholy in which his voice is submerged with distinctive sources from North American music, the multi-instrumentalist and composer comes back energetically with One way ticket to Saturn, a work where he returns to demonstrate his encyclopedic musical knowledge and an overwhelming desire to look forward.

He succeeds with an unusual force, driven by songs where the optimism of funk and rock occupy a place that used to be dominated by the blues nostalgia. One way ticket to Saturn, released on the 29th April, is the perfect counterpoint to its predecessor. A double disc with 19 themes in 9 consistent and direct songs. “Now is the moment. Hope is not enough, we need to get up and fight”, explains Maeso.

The new Julián Maeso incorporates a mix of styles which occur rapidly and naturally: rock, country, funk, jazz included… His voice returns with a powerful sound, often accompanied by a dazzling chorus with gospel influences. Julián’s influences remain intact and unchanged, but this time he illuminates his recent output. After only one listen, it shows bands and musicians such as Traffic, Leon Russell, The Faces, Derek & the Dominoes y Delaney & Bonnie, Humble Pie, Black Crowes y Tedeschi & TruckS…

Maeso is an artist immersed in the Spanish musical scene, playing in bands such as The Blackbirds, Speaklow, The Sunday Drivers and The Sweet Vandals, but also in tours of M-Clan, Quique González o Pájaro. Internationally, he has collaborated with The Poets of Rhythm, The New Master Sounds, The Soul Snatchers o Corrina Greyson. In Spain, he has supported and accompanied the diva of New Orleans’ soul, Irma Thomas, in last year’s exotic tour.

You can check out Julián here.



7th June  – LIPA Cafe, Liverpool

11th June– Galileo Galilei, Madrid

12th June – La Casa del loco, Zaragoza

14th June – El loco, Valencia

15th June – El Circulo, Toledo



James- Piano & Sax

Lewis- Bass

Marianne- Singer

Joshua- Trumpet

Lara- Violin

Andreas- Drums

Robyn- Cello


2014 TEAM

Adam Conway– Manager

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