THE ARTIST – Coque Malla

Coque Malla is a musician and actor who was born in Madrid in 1959. He is well known for being the lead guitarist and singer in the rock group ‘Los Ronaldos’. ‘Los Ronaldos’ formed in 1987 and released five albums together before the group disbanded in 1998. Aside from this Coque has also had a successful solo career. His latest solo album was released in 2011, called ‘Termonuclear En Casa De Coque Malla’.

Aside from music Coque also has a successful acting career. To date, he has starred in eleven Spanish movies. He appeared as Pablo opposite Penélope Cruz in ‘Todo Es Mentira’ in 1994. More recently, in 2008, he starred as Roberto in’ Íntimos y extraños. 3 historias y ½’.

In 2007 ‘Los Ronaldos’ reformed and released a new album called ‘4 Canciones’ consisting of a variety of unreleased tracks. The song ‘No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti’ was released and to date is probably the most successful song of their career. The song was used in IKEA’s advertising campaign in 2010. There are two versions of the song, one with ‘Los Ronaldos’ and a solo acoustic version.

LIPA musicians were honoured to play alongside Coque in the summer of 2011 on the LIPA Spain Tour. Coque performed a gig in Liverpool before embarking upon a four-date tour across Spain with the LIPA musicians; visiting Madrid, Toledo, Valladolid, and Segovia.

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28th May – The Mezzanine Bar, Liverpool

8th June – Galileo Galilei, Madrid

9th June – Sala Garcilaso, Toledo

10th June – Portacaeli, Valladolid

11th June – Sala Kunde, Segovia



Jonathon Roberts – Keyboards

George Yelding – Bass

James Bernardis – Drums

Daniel Mcintyre-Loveridge – Guitar

Rosa Murdoch – Vocals

Charlotte Andrews – Violin

Joachim Lewerin – Violin

Teresa Bernabe Martin – Cello

Jorge Bergen-Svela – Guitar

2013 TEAM

Jasmin Doughty – Manager

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