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Depedro is the musical project of Spanish singer and guitar player, Jairo ZavalaJairo Zavala recently released his incredible third album “La Increíble Historia de un Hombre Bueno (Milan)”, which was inspired by and tell the stories of his travels around the world, with the tracks all composed to focus on local issues from the different towns and villages that he visited. His career has taken him from “when his musical journeys took him as far as the gas tank would allow”, to sharing the same stage as musical legends, Living Colour. The album has been described as his most ambitious album to date, an original piece of work that is both delicate, creative, and well crafted. A unique style he is known for mastering better than most.

The genre is often described as alternative indie/rock, with snippets and tastes of western European traditions, reggae, folk, African music, and blues. Zavala had a very cultural childhood, with his Peruvian father and a mother who grew up Guinea, it’s not surprising Depedro’s chosen genre is so varied and tasteful. All of the music and rhythms he was born and raised round have had a positive impact on his compositions, making him stand out from everybody else.

Despite all his travelling and background, Depedro has firm roots in Spain. Thanks to his time in La Vacazul and his work with Amparanoia, he knows all the local Spanish music venues and club like the back of his hand, and thanks to his solo project and being a member of Calexico, he knows half the worldʼs local music haunts too.

His debit first self-titled album was distributed through EMI Music Distribution in 2008. The album was a success and lead the way onto his second album “Napel de Papel” (Nat Geo Music/PIAS Spain). His most recent album, “La Increíble Historia de un Hombre Bueno (Milan)”, followed in 2013.

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26th May – LIPA Cafe, Liverpool

2nd June – Galileo Galilei, Madrid

3rd June – La Casa Del Loco, Zaragoza

4th June – Salamandra, Barcelona/Hosipelet

5th June – Woody, Valencia



Adam Dawson – Keyboards

Ove Engen – Guitar

Jennifer Walmsey – Vocals, Trumpet, Vibraphone

Sam Lubin – Drums

Jorgen Bergen-Svela – Bass

Lauren Spink – Vocals


2013 TEAM

Sophie Whitefield – Manager

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