THE ARTIST – Arturio Soriano

Arturo Soriano has many musical talents: saxophone, flute, clarinet, and keyboard, to name a few.

Self-taught and educated in Jazz Clubs, Arturo will soon start touring internationally and record with some of the most important Spanish artists and bands, He is scheduled to visit several countries in Europe and America

He made his debut as a record producer for Sony Music in 1992 (De ley, Rosario Flores), with 800.000 copies sold. Since then, he has produced more than 40 records with a wide range of artists and has collaborated with international personalities such as BB King, Brian May and Eliades Ochoa.

In 2005, he recorded his first solo album, 45 RPM, in which jazz, funk and soul ambiences live together with pop structures and concepts.

Pedro Almodovar’s Production Company, El Deseo, commissioned the soundtrack for the TV Series “Mujeres” directed by Félix Sabroso and Dunia Ayaso on the Spanish Public Television, TVE 1.

In 2007, the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, LIPA, founded by Paul McCartney and the Spanish Association of Interpreters, AIE, selected Arturo for Master classes and invited him to prepare his repertoire together with LIPA’s students to be played in different cities around the UK and Spain.

Nowadays, Arturo combines composition, production and recording music for television, advertisement, and documentaries. He also gives live musical performances and is working on other new projects. He shares his residence between Madrid and Prague.

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26th May – The Magnet, Liverpool

6th June – El Junco, Madrid

7th June – Arco, Alcazar De San Juan

8th June – Circulo Del Arte, Toledo

9th June – Teatro Del Mercado, Zaragoza


Frode- Eggum- Have – Drums

Lael Goldberg – Guitar

Gareth Bullock – Bass

Africa Fuentes Cardiel – Vocals

Nick Smith – Keyboards

Tim Pike – Saxophone

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