THE ARTIST – Marc Parrot

Marc Parrot was born in Barcelona in 1967; he is most renowned for being a singer and composer. Marc’s musical career began in 1990 when he joined the band ‘Regreso a las minas’ with whom he released one album of the same name. Not long after he began his solo career by joining forces with Warner Records. His first solo album Sólo Para Locos was released in 1993 followed by Sólo para niños in 1995. The third album that Marc was due to release with Warner Records was Cocinero. However, this album was never released due to the amazing success of Marc’s art project El chaval de la peca.

His first single released under this pseudonym was a cover of the song ‘Libre’ or ‘Free’ by Nino Bravo.  This song was used by the mobile phone company ‘Amena’.  Several of the songs released under this name reached the top forty in the charts.  Three albums were released under this name.  Marc decided to say goodbye to this pseudonym in 1999.

Marc went on to record a new album, this time under his own name, in 2001 called ‘Rompecabezas’ or ‘Puzzle’; this album was co-produced with Robin Hancock.  After finishing his contract with Warner Music he joined an independent label called PIAS.  With them, he recorded a second album,’Don maletas’ or  ‘Two Suitcases’ in 2004.  Two more albums were then released in Catalan.  Marc currently has his own studio and continues to work as a musician, producer, and composer.

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LIPA Cafe, Liverpool

10th June – Galileo Galilei, Madrid

12th June – Circulo Del Arte, Toledo

13th June – El Loco, Valencia

14th June – Teatro Del Estacion, Zaragoza


Johannes Refsdal – Bass

Michael Halls – Guitar

Louis Querelle – Keyboards

Pal Tore Holten – Drums

Catalina Pereda – Vocals

Eleanor Redhead – Vocals

Kirsten Sharp – Vocals

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