THE ARTIST – Aurora Beltran

Aurora Beltran needs no introduction. She was born on August 26th, 1964 in Pamplona, Spain. Previously fronting bands such as Belladonna and Tahúres Zurdos, she is responsible for changing the history of pop/rock in Spain. Described online as “like fine wine, growing prettier every day”, Aurora has made her mark in Spanish pop culture. At a young age, she suffered a disease that forced her to sit still for many hours at a time. To prevent boredom, her father gave her a guitar and at age 13, she penned her first track, “Death Come”, which would later be recorded on her first album with Tahúres Zurdos.

She launched her career in the mid-1980’s as a guitarist for Belladonna, who sadly split up after the release of their first LP. In 1987, she formed her second, more successful group, Tahúres Zurdos. The band recorded their first demo and performed many concerts throughout Spain. This eventually lead on to the release of their first album and a signing to EMI Music. During her career with the band, Aurora recorded eight studio albums, two compilations and is well known for her greatly received live show throughout her career. The band continued for seventeen years before deciding to call it a day and split in 2004.

Despite the sudden end to her two previous projects, Aurora continued her career and performed a series acoustic concerts accompanied by Eva Rada, Chorister and the instrumentalists of Tahúres Zurdos. These tracks would eventually go on to become the makings of her first solo album.

Her first album, Dance Classes, was released in March 2008 and included collaborations with Enrique Bunbury, Loquillo and Carmen París. The album has nine tracks, eight of which were composed by Aurora herself. The ninth track, “Candy”, was composed by Iggy Pop!  Her second solo album, Museum People, was released in 2012.

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2nd June – Sennheiser Studio, LIPA, Liverpool

7th June – Galileo Galilei, Mardid

8th June – Circulo Del Arte, Toledo

9th June – Eden, Huesca

10th June – Artsaia, Aizoain


Adam Beany – Drums

Goran Obad – Guitar

Thomas Haakonsen – Guitar

Yuka Hamamoto – Keyboard

Sondre Sandhaug – Bass

Veronica Posse – Vocals

Hannah Rockliffe – Vocals

2006 TEAM

Harriet Pittard – Manager

Sophie Doherty – Manager

Brigitte Wang – Manager

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