THE ARTIST – Javier Ruibal

Javier Ruibal was born in a province of Cadiz in Southern Spain called El Puerto de Santa María. He has made his mark in the music industry through many talents; composer, arranger, guitarist and his most common trait, an extremely talented vocalist. Javier is noted for his vocal abilities and his blending of different music styles, such as flamenco, jazz and Maghreb music, which has not only turned into the making of his incredible career but his own personal branding. All self-taught, he is one of the most creative musicians of his time, unlike any of his generation or culture.

His first album, called Duna, was released in 1983. Ruibal has composed music for many Spanish artists and famous singers, such as Ana Belén or David Broza. He has appeared on stage together with artists as Pablo Milanés, Joaquín Sabina or Carlos Cano. His already copious catalogue of work is more impressive than most. He was awarded the Medal of Andalusia in 2007, by the government of Andalusia, and in 2009 was chosen to give the opening address of the Cadix Carnaval.  In total Javier has released eight albums, the most recent ‘Lo Que Me Dice Tu Boca’ was released in 2005.

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14th May – Paul McCartney Auditorium, LIPA, Liverpool

18th May – Salamandra, Barcelona/Hospitalet

19th May – El Loco, Valencia

20th May – Cafe De La Kaku, Villena, Alicante

21st May – Chubby Cheek Jazz Club, Jaen


Tor Einar Rogn – Guitar

Alex Brathen – Percussion and vocals

David Junior – Drums

Juan Zelada – Keyboards

Trym Bjonnes – Vocals

Silje Skaugen-Karisen – Keyboard

Auden Sognen – Bass

Lydia Johnson – Vocals

Annie Reppe – Vocals

2005 TEAM

Carly Crowder – Manager

Claire Hart – Manager

Birgitte Wang – Manager

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