THE ARTIST – Jabier Muguruza

Jabier Muguruza is a Spanish musician and songwriter; music has been a part of Jabier’s life since an early age. He has played the accordion since he was five years old and won a variety of competitions including the ‘European Championship’. Jabier has played in various groups as well as a solo artist. In 1990 he formed the group ‘Les Taximen’; together they released three albums. After the dissolution of ‘Les Taximen’, Jabier became a member of the group ‘Ripiau’; between 1996 and 2000 the group released four albums.

As well as being a member of bands, simultaneous, Jabier also pursued his solo career. In 1994 he released his first album called ‘Boza barruan’.  Since then Jabier has released an impressive, ten more albums including ‘Aise’ in 1997, ‘Enegarren postala’ in 2007 and ’Konplizeak’ in 2007 to name but a few.  Most recently, in 2011 Jabier released ‘Bikote bat’, his eleventh album to date.

Aside from music, Jabier is also an author, in the early 90′s he founded a literary group called Emak Bakia with Bernardo Atxaga , Ruper Ordorika and Jose Mari Iturralde amongst others. In 1994 he published lagun Sei, sei sekretu , a children’s book. This was followed by four other children’s books as well as two aimed at adults.

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– Life Cafe, Liverpool

20th May – Cafe Picaro, Toledo

21st May – Musutruk, Gernika

22nd May – Central Cultural Delicias, Zaragoza

23rd May – Galileo Galilei, Madrid


Kristian Sveholm – Bass

Thomas Kongshavn – Guitar

Michale Gay – Guitar

Jay Sikora – Drums

Peter Watson – Keyboards

Marte Helleseter – Vocals

Mariona Castillo Garcia – Vocals

Tori Beaumont – Vocals

2004 TEAM

Octavia Harwood – Manager

Sigrid Sketie Tjensvoll – Manager

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