THE ARTIST – Sergio Makaroff

Sergio Makaroff is an Argentinian singer-songwriter who was born in Buenos Aires in 1951. It seems fitting to mention that as a youngster Sergio was a fan of a variety of artists including ‘The Beatles’ who he aspired to be like.  This is most certainly a dream shared with many of the musicians at LIPA. LIPA was founded by ¼ of the Beatles, Sir Paul McCartney.  When Sergio was seventeen he composed his first song called ‘Peter Pan’.  When he was eighteen he travelled to New York in search of artists who had inspired him such as ‘Jimi Hendrix’ and ‘James Taylor’.  On his return to Buenos Aires, he appeared in the musical ‘Hair’ which opened to fantastic reviews. Sergio performed with his brother, Edward, under the name of ‘The Brothers Makaroff’ appearing as supporting artists to other musicians.  Soon ‘The Brothers Makaroff’ became a five-piece joining with Charly Garcia and two others; they released a single with a small record label, however, the group broke up in 1978.

In 1978 Sergio moved to Spain. His friends formed a band, known as ‘Stivel Tequila’, who performed a some tracks written by Sergio including ’Rock del Ascensor‘ or ‘Rock the Elevator’.   Through such songs, in 1981, Sergio was signed by ‘Epic’ and recorded his first solo album named ‘Tengo una idea’ or ‘I Have An Idea’.  In 1986 he recorded his second album ‘La buena vida’ or ‘The Good Life’; this album was co-produced by Ariel Rot.  After this Sergio took a break from the music industry before returning after over a decade with his third album ’Un hombre feo’or ‘An Ugly Man’.  The most notable song from this album was ‘Tranqui tronqui’.

In 1998 Sergio released ’Rico y famoso’ or ‘Rich and Famous’. ‘Makaroff’ followed this in 2002; this album was produced by Tito Rosell, whom was the guitarist on the ‘The Good Life’ album.  In 2008 ‘Número 1’ was released. Sergio‘s most recent album is ‘El inventor del rompehielos’ or ‘The Inventor of the Icebreaker’ which was released in 2011.

Aside from this Sergio has also embarked upon a career in journalism and had pieces printed in a variety of publications. Sergio continues to write songs for both himself and others, most frequently performing in Spain and Argentina.

LIPA musicians were honoured to be joined by Sergio in the 2002 tour; returning to Pacific Road in Birkenhead before taking on a four-date tour across Spain.

Check Sergio Makaroff out here.


7th April – Pacific Road, Birkenhead

9th April – Suristan, Madrid

10th April – Salon De Espejos Del Teatro Romea, Murcia

11th April – Black Note, Valencia

12th April – Sidecar, Barcelona


Neil Thomas – Guitar

Ranjit Buran – Guitar

Scott Wiber – Bass

Grenville Harrop – Drums

Amy Newhouse-Smith – Vocals

Emily Gervais – Vocals

Jo Cook – Vocals

Ian Davidson – Vocals

2002 TEAM

Susanna Kroll – Manager

Nadja Kunstner – Manager

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